Council Deadline Breach Ends Hotel Hopes

Dunedin’s hopes for a $100 hotel on the waterfront are over after a report due on March 21 had still not been delivered over 3 weeks later.   Developer, Jing Song, decided that she had been strung along by the Dunedin City Council for too long and terminated the project.

An ODT editorial says:

The bottom line is someone was looking to spend more than $100 million in the city and it appears that is not going to happen now.  A large opportunity has been lost.

Mile Hosking has also commented:

How many five star hotels does Dunedin have? None. Why? Because they drove the developer nuts and they’ve packed up their bags and gone home.

So Much for “Red Carpet, Not Red Tape”.

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Dunedin Centre Systems Cost $95,000 Per Year

The ODT reports (not online);

NEW mechanical systems at the upgraded Dunedin Centre, including lifts, lighting, heating, ventilation and sprinklers, are costing $95,000 a year to maintain.
The systems were installed as part of the $42 million refurbishment and upgrade of the complex, which includes the Municipal Chambers, the Town Hall and the Glenroy Auditorium.

…. however the full cost of operating the Dunedin Centre venue would have to be covered by its operator, Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML).