DCC No Longer “Not Red Tape”

The Dunedin City Council’s “Red Carpet, Not Red Tape” initiative has lost it’s “Not Red Tape” part.  In a recent “Red Carpet Project Update” document the Council says:

The project name has been shortened to “Red Carpet” and will exclude the “not Red Tape” as this has caused some perception issues with clients, who thought this meant “breaking the rules”.

There does not seem to have been any unnecessary rules and regulations removed as part of the project. Rather red tape seems to be increasing, for example in the area of liquor licensing, and Dunedin’s notoriously bureaucratic and expensive building and resource consent process is as bad as ever.

As for the “Red Carpet” project, it just seems to be having more bureaucrats to help deal with the existing bureaucracy.

Submission Against St Clair Cycleway

I support the “do nothing and end the cycle network at Kennedy Street”.

St Clair Esplanade is now a very busy area, 7 days a week, and parking is already in short supply. And there are plans for another two restaurants in the area. Removing 29 parks is just crazy.

One of the great things about Dunedin has been relatively convenient parking. Removing parking in this way is degrading the city’s lifestyle.

“It would also mean cyclists wanting to get to the Esplanade/St Clair area would either use the footpath illegally or continue to use the narrow carriageway, potentially creating a safety risk” ???
What about the “scenic route” already used by many cyclists: the existing track along seaside to the Esplanade. I have been recreational cycling and commuting from St Clair most days for 17 years and almost always use this route. I never tire of the ever-changing view of the rolling waves. Of course, I am considerate of pedestrians and get of my bike and walk if necessary. I will continue to go this way even if there is a cycleway on Victoria Road. (Note that I am not suggesting that this be an “official” cycleway.)

I question how many people will cycle this section of Victoria Road.

It is the end of the route with a a small catchment area, and most people join it nearer the city. Some commuters will chose alternative routes especially when more cycleways a built in South Dunedin. For cycling visitors to the Esplanade, the “scenic route” is the obvious choice.

It is becoming increasingly questionable that cycling will only ever be more than a  very minor part of Dunedin transport. I keep hearing comments such as “empty cycleways” and “Where are all the cyclists”? There should be a pause in cycleway construction until it is clear that they are going to be used enough to justify the disruption that they are causing.