Fewer Bus Passengers Despite ORC Plans

The ODT reports that Dunedin Bus Patronage is down 4% in the year ending June 2016, mocking the Otago Regional Council’s plan for a 3% increase.

Council staff say there has since been some further decline

This latest decline is likely to be due to the recent routes changes which have inconvenienced a great many bus users.
The proposed new Bus Hub in Great King Street is also controversial due to the the likely disruption at Central City intersections, caused by buses making the many turns required to reach the Hub.

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Eckhoff on DCC Rates privilege for Maori

Otago Regional Councillor, Gerry Eckhoff, comments in the ODT, on the Dunedin City Council’s proposed Rates remission policy for Maori land. He was a Member of Parliament for the ACT Party which has a record of supporting one law for all New Zealanders.

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The original ODT article on Maori Rates Remission is here.