Free Stadium Not Fair To Ratepayers

In today’s ODT:
A year after charging $12 a ticket at the venue last year, admission will be free this season after Southern United gained a community funding grant through the Dunedin City Council.

Surely $12 is little enough to contribute to the costs of the Stadium compared to the gym or the movies, and a fraction of the price of an Arts event.

With the Stadium costing ratepayers over $20 million per year, the Dunedin City Council has a responsibility to maximise revenue and ensure all Stadium users pay an appropriate price for it’s use.

DCC No Longer “Not Red Tape”

The Dunedin City Council’s “Red Carpet, Not Red Tape” initiative has lost it’s “Not Red Tape” part.  In a recent “Red Carpet Project Update” document the Council says:

The project name has been shortened to “Red Carpet” and will exclude the “not Red Tape” as this has caused some perception issues with clients, who thought this meant “breaking the rules”.

There does not seem to have been any unnecessary rules and regulations removed as part of the project. Rather red tape seems to be increasing, for example in the area of liquor licensing, and Dunedin’s notoriously bureaucratic and expensive building and resource consent process is as bad as ever.

As for the “Red Carpet” project, it just seems to be having more bureaucrats to help deal with the existing bureaucracy.