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Climate Change Debate At Last

When I first started expressing skeptical opinions on global warming many years ago , I felt lonely with few others willing to go public with similar views. Perhaps they did not want to look foolish because “the science was settled” and “deniers” were betraying our planet Earth.
But times have changed: there is a vigorous debate going on in the ODT, with many skeptics joining in.
I think that the main reason for the change is that people can see that the predicted increase in temperatures has not happened. Remember, the Central Otago ski-fields were going to be out-of-business by now. But there has just been two Ski Seasons with metres of snow. And Dunedin has just had a very cold winter.
Rather than relying on assurances from scientists, people are seeking out information for themselves. More balanced articles are appearing in magazines and other media. “Investigate” magazine has produced a free on-line magazine, “Climate Reality”. For those seriously interested, I thoroughly recommend Professor Ian Plimer’s superb book, “Heaven and Earth”, a history of the Earth’s climate up to the present day.

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