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No Worry From Sea Level Rise

Despite the scare-mongering headline, the details of this ODT story indicate that Dunedin does not have too much to worry about from sea-level rise. The best news is that tidal-gauge data, from the Harbour Basin, is rising at just 1.3 mm a year, which is a continuation of the long-term trend. This shows that increasing carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere has not accelerated sea-level rise. (News reports of inundation of islands such as Tuvalu, neglect to mention that their land is sinking).
But even most extreme predictions of a 1.5 metre rise by 2100, would affect only a relatively small area of land, mostly around the Upper Harbour. The latest predictions of the IPCC only predict a rise of 0.6 metres which would affect an even smaller area.
Anyway, the theory of catastrophic global-warming is looking increasingly doubtful as the predicted increasing temperature has come to a halt, and there has been no rise since 1998. The Climategate leak shows that scientists have had to resort to dubious selection and manipulation of data to try and make it fit the theory. Time will tell who is right in this controversy.

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