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ODT Blocks Access To CST Criticism

Yesterday’s front-page lead story in the Otago Daily Times, “Further $1.8m for stadium”, is no longer available on the ODT web-site, with “Access Denied” displayed instead:
If this block is due to lawyers trying to stop criticism of the Carisbrook Stadium Trust, then that will become a story in itself.
I emailed the ODT and asked for an explanation for the “Access Denied”, but I have not had a reply.
The story is back on-line with “a clarification” that the actual extra amount is $1.639. This small error does seem to be enough to explain the “Access Denied”.
In a related story, it is claimed that the oversight was not the responsibility of the Carisbrook Stadium Trust, but of the Dunedin City Council.

“It was never the responsibility of the trust,” [CST chairman, Malcom Farry] said. The trust had been asked to plan and build the stadium, but not to run it once that was done.

This is nonsense: the CST was responsible for projections of income and expenditure for the Stadium, which were produced at considerable expense to Dunedin rate-payers. Opponents of the Stadium claimed that costing were being kept unrealistically low to boost the case to go ahead. It is now clear that they were correct.


  1. Tat Loo Tat Loo February 7, 2010

    Thanks for the update Al. If events at the new stadium are not as popular as hoped, operational budget shortfalls will need to be made up by ongoing injections of rate payers funds. Unfortunately, IF this situation eventuates, I can see locals being blamed by Stadium advocates for "not supporting" the new venue. Nevertheless, such heavy public investment in a sports stadium may somehow bring in badly needed new industry, new technology, new skilled employment opportunities, and innovative new enterprise to Dunedin.

    • amanda kennedy amanda kennedy March 19, 2011

      Oh you have that right Tat, the stadium advocates will indeed blame the so called stadium protesters for causing the stadium to fail economically. Neat huh? One problem though, the stadium councillors ( Clr Brown, Noone, Bezett etc) pushed ahead with the stadium on the bases the the so called majority ( silent of course) are all for the stadium. So how can a bunch of sad, non stadium lovers possibly damage the stadium’s success? They can’t have it both ways. Good luck with your gamble that the stadium is going to ‘somehow’ drive the city’s economy.

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