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Backdown on Harbourside Bungle

The Dunedin City Council has decided to withdraw Stage 2 of its planned Harbourside development because of the concerns raised by local businesses. This uncharacteristic change of direction may be because an election is not far away.
This is a blow to DCC chief executive Jim Harland’s vision for a Harbourside “Venice of the South”.
But it didn’t seem to be happening anyway: private enterprise wasn’t rushing to follow the DCC investment. Handicaps of the area include the separation from the city caused by the railway corridor, and the windy and cool weather that the area is notorious for (I know because I have worked there for the last ten years).
Contrast this with the development at the St Clair Esplanade which has a much better climate, where cafes and restaurants are thriving.
The other loser is the Otago Regional Council which hoped to profit from it’s property speculation in the Harbourside. It has vented it’s frustration by cancelling it’s membership of the Otago Chamber of Commerce which acted for local business in this matter.
The ODT story is here.

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