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Independent Report On Parking Debacle.

The Dunedin City has called for an independent report on the bungled Parking changes. Deputy Mayor Syd Brown said “common sense” should have been applied to the changes before their release.
It does not need an independent report to tell us that the Parking shambles was due to the poor performance of Council staff for which DCC chief executive, Jim Harland, is ultimately responsible.
It is probably too much to expect the report to provide any accountability, which is sadly lacking in government organisations, both local and national, in New Zealand. As an example, no staff were held to account for the slack management in the Otago District Health Board which allowed the multi-million dollar Swann fraud.
As a further insult to ratepayers, they will presumably have to pay for this extra report.

The ODT has now written an editorial on this issue, “DCC Common Sense”.

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