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$9 Million Blowout In Cost Of Stadium Bypass

The cost to move the highway around the new Stadium has increased by over $9 million, to almost $25 million. This includes increases in the cost of both construction and land. Taking into account a previous increase, the cost of land for the Stadium is $10 million over budget. It is some consolation to the City, that 2/3 of the cost will be paid by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Dunedin city councillor Andrew Noone yesterday said the change to the district plan that turned land at the area from an industrial to a stadium/campus zone had an effect on negotiations, and an impact on the value of land.

Duh! The Council rezoned the area to benefit property speculators, and it ends up costing ratepayers millions more dollars?

Using the Public Works Act to require land owners to sell would have been the ideal situation, he said, but the timing of the stadium and realignment meant that had not been possible.

This is just bad planning, due to the rush to build the Stadium.

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