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$3.3 Million Blowout In Old Gasworks Costs

A Dunedin City Council report shows a $3.3 million blowout in the cost of restoring the old Gasworks. An extra $345,000 is required this year and an extra $1 million in 2012/2013 and 2013/2014. This follows a regular pattern in DCC projects where approval is gained by claiming only a relatively small amount of money will be required, and then “unexpectedly” finding that costs are much greater.
Councilor Michael Guest is not impressed and said that:

someone’s head should roll

This comment is ironic considering that Guest is a strong Stadium supporter, and the same thing could be said about that project.
In a private business, those responsible for bungles such as this, are not going to remain in their jobs for very long. But Council staff never seem to be held accountable. Perhaps from the Council’s point-of-view, it is actually successful empire-building.

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