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Our Online Mall’s Doors Closed

The National Business Review reported yesterday (the story is not online) that the Online Mall belonging to the Dunedin company, The Street, has it’s doors closed. You can see this here , with a “Re-opening Soon” sign.
The Dunedin City Council has a controversial investment of $700,000 in The Street.
The online mall used avatars to walk through the virtual shops. It may have been clever technology but it did not seem practical for real shopping.
It is going to very embarrassing for the Council if money is lost on this venture.
By the way, why is that the NBR often has insights into Dunedin affairs that are not found in the ODT?


  1. David Trent David Trent November 15, 2011

    You should be aware that Zeddd, the company now responsible for the online mall, can not even afford to pay compensation of $20 per week to one of his clients who took him to court for failure to complete a simple website.

    What did happen to that $700,000?????

  2. al al Post author | November 20, 2011

    Thanks David, the $700,ooo has gone done the toilet. The Council does not talk about the Street anymore.

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