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How Much Will Academy Pay For Their Planned Building?

I emailed the Dunedin City Council and asked some questions about the supplying of facilities to the Academy Of Sport.    The Academy has been using the old Art Gallery at Logan Park, but the Council is planning to spend $3.8 million on a new building for the Academy at the new Stadium.

The answers to my questions were supplied by  General Manager Community Life, Graeme Hall:

  1. How much does the Academy of Sport pay for the use of it’s current facilities at Logan Park?
    They pay $40,000 per annum.
  2. How much is it expected that the Academy of Sport will pay for the use of the planned new $3.8 million facilities?
    This has not been established yet.
  3. Do the Highlanders and/or Otago Rugby use these facilities under the Academy of Sport, or do they rent separately?
    The Highlanders and Otago Rugby do use the current facilities that are rented by Council to the Academy of Sport. The Council has a lease with the Academy and we understand the Academy (as being the key provider of the high performance centre) does sublease to other sports codes and our lease allows this.

With the DCC currently looking to make saving, it is questionable whether the Council should spend $3.8 million for the benefit of a small number athletes, many of whom are professional.    Especially if the rent paid for the use of the new facilities is not increased to many times more than the current $40,000.

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  1. Amanda Kennedy Amanda Kennedy December 14, 2010

    In the Oddity today Cr Bezette informs us that everybody in Dunedin believes the Academy of Sport is an essential part of city (come again?). Ominous words; sounds like Bezette is softening us up to have our rates flowing toward the ‘crucial’ academy. I’m just hoping that the mayor sticks to his platform of transparency in this matter.

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