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Drama-Queen’s Tears Bring Climate Change Bureaucracy

Dunedin City Councillor, Jinty MacTavish, burst into tears to convince the Council to spend an extra $227,500  on Climate Change bureaucracy.

The city faced “enormous” costs in adapting to climate change, which would only grow the longer work was delayed, and having the information available as soon as possible would allow future generations to say “Yes, at least they tried”, she argued.

Ms MacTavish is blindly following the dogma of the Global Warming cult. If she actually looked at the data on sea-levels then she would see that there is no sign of the predicted acceleration in sea-level rise, in fact it is slowing down.   See University of Colorado records.
At least Crs Vandervis and Brown talked some sense:

Cr Brown could not justify the extra burden on ratepayers given advice from University of Otago emeritus professor of geography Blair Fitzharris, a climate change expert, that the council would have “plenty of time” to prepare.
Cr Vandervis also poured scorn on Cr Kate Wilson’s suggestion the council should be seen to be leading research on climate change, describing the position as “hysteria” and “completely and utterly unbelievable”.

See also the previous day’s ODT report.

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