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Eminent Scientist Challenges Council Global-Warming Spending

Dr Jock Alison opposed Council spending on Global-warming , at the Dunedin City Council’s Annual Plan hearings, describing the issue as a “scam”.    Dr Allison is one of New Zealand’s most respected scientists, a former Director of the MAF Invermay Research Centre, and has made a major contribution to Agriculture.    He can speak out because does not face the risks of those working in Government-funded science and Universities.

Councillor Jinty MacTavish tried to justify the spending based on the opinions of organisations such as the United Nations.   The United Nations has no credibility as evidenced by the regular appointment of dictatorships and tyrannies to it’s Human Right’s committee.   In a similar way, the members of the International Panel on Climate Change have been selected to ensure politically-correct conclusions.

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