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Good News About Sea-level Rise

For those who are worried about rising sea-levels, the data released last week from the University of Colorado is welcome news.  This data shows a significant slowing down in the rate of sea-level rise in recent years, rather than the acceleration predicted by the global warming theory. The test of a scientific theory is whether it’s predictions are true, so this is a significant setback for global-warming proponents. But it is goods news for the Dunedin City Council because it means that there is no urgency in the rising sea-level issue, so spending can be delayed until measurements show that sea-level rise is accelerating. I believe that University of Colorado is the most respected source for global sea-level data. If you believe that there is a better data elsewhere, then let me know.

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  1. bammbamm bammbamm March 22, 2012

    MMGW isn’t real … it is just for a bunch of old menwho can’t do real science to sit around and pull funcing away from younger researchers whom can make a difference.
    CO2 is a lie ….

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