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What Do Occupy Want?

I’m not sure the Occupy movement is against the big spending, big debt, regulation and of bureaucracy of the City Council: they may want to increase it. If they have a political philosophy, it seems to be similar to that of communists a couple of generations ago. It proved to be a total economic failure. They espouse anti-capitalist slogans, but it is capitalism which has raised the world’s standard of living so much.
The current economic crisis has been largely caused by reckless spending of governments. Some of this money has been used to bail out bankers and Wall Street, but it is politicians who should be blamed for this.
Can someone tell us: what do Occupy want?

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  1. Troy Troy October 20, 2011

    What does Occupy Dunedin want? well i cannot speak for the group but i can speak for myself as a member of the group, i want to see equality, accountability and transparency in New Zealand! I want big business to have no say over the government which perverts the course of justice and the growth of the country.

    In regards to the political leanings of the group, there are none, any perceived representations will be dealt with at the next general assembly, this is not a political party! i know i personally would rather see a peaceful peoples revolution where we remove all of the laws and issues which have constricted the rights of the people and only worked to serve big business.

    The people who camp in the octagon are standing up for the idea of a better tomorrow, a lot of people may not understand this but it quiet simply is the only way to get the governments attention as they don’t seem to listen to anything else the public stands up against and progressively work toward making rushed decisions so the public do not get a say at all.

    Please feel free to come down to the octagon and talk with the people, there is an open mic if you want to talk to the group as a whole if you wish. It is a very friendly environment and the people are knowledgeable and passionate. I look forward to seeing you there

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