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Time For Occupy To Move On

Of course Occupy is a political campaign even if it lacks any coherence: they seem to have a disgruntlement that not enough manna is appearing from heaven, and little idea what to do about it. They oppose capitalism, but are happy to enjoy the fruits that it has brought them. But they are free to organise and campaign under the same rules as everyone else.
I thought it was the responsibility of Council staff to fairly enforce regulations on all the City’s citizens.
If someone occupies a parking-spot for 5 minutes over the allowed time, then action is taken with admirable efficiency.
But this particular political group is getting away taking over the heart of the City for weeks.
Is it because it is the same Red/Green group whose support is courted by Mayor Cull’s Greater Dunedin team under the “Sustainability” banner?

I went to, and it was not reassuring. One of the first things that I saw was a post on the New World Order, a world government promoted by George Soros and Mikhail Gorbachev which would use the United Nations as a controlling force.
I am sure that there are many sincere idealistic young people in the Occupy Dunedin group, but there are other more-sinister strings being pulled from far away.
Of course, the Dunedin City Council already follows the dictates of the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change. (This is not a group of scientists as you might suppose, but a politically appointed group, many of them activists for NGOs such as Greenpeace).
Is there a pattern starting to emerge?
I also see that Melbourne has successfully impressed on their Occupy group that they are not special and are required to adhere to the same rules as other people in the City.
The Council does not see Occupy as a threat. If Occupy do manage to agree on some policies, then I am willing bet that they will advocate more taxing, more spending, and more regulation.
What I am not hearing from the Octagon is a call to put a stop to the real problem with the Dunedin City Council: too much spending.

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