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New Gigatown Bureaucrat For DCC

Dave Cull believes that there is a pot of gold at the end of the digital rainbow.    But the Digital Office has  little to show from the hundreds of thousands of dollars which it has spent so far.

The Dunedin City Council is creating a new position of Gigatown Project Co-ordinator to try and win Chorus’s Gigatown promotion.   If Dunedin wins the competition then it will have been good decision.   If Dunedin does not win, then it will have been a waste of money.

I have sent this email to the Council, asking for more details:

Dear Chanel,
Could you please give me more information on this position:
What is the expected remuneration?
Is it a full time job?
What kind of budget is available for the project?

Watch this space for the response.

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