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Posts tagged as “Calvin”

$500 Million Stadium Bill

Will the total cost of the Stadium reach half-a-billion dollars? Calvin Oaten estimates $485 million.

Calvin Oaten On DCC Debt Crisis

Calvin Oaten has provided his latest analysis of Dunedin City Council finances in the Otago Daily Times.

Calvin Oaten on Blogging

Calvin Oaten is well-known for his analysis and opinion on Dunedin City Council finances. He has written an opinion piece in the ODT: “Bloggers may…

ODT Feature On Calvin Oaten

The Otago Daily Times has a feature, “Keeping them honest”, on Calvin Oaten who has provided some of the best analysis of the Dunedin City…

Calvin on High Rates

More great analysis from Calvin Oaten on the “What if?” site.

Calvin Says Council Run By Bureaucrats

Calvin Oaten continues excellent analysis of Dunedin affairs with an opinion piece in the Otago Daily Times:Is the DCC being driven by its bureaucrats?